Research and development

With a dedicated research and development laboratory and scientist the company is able to create new products or adapt existing ones for existing and prospective customers. The company’s four scientists have regular meetings to discuss development projects and new raw materials the latter to see if they offer any advantage over existing raw materials from the point of view of environment, performance or price and availability. New and changing regulations especially in the EU are discussed and the appropriate action taken. As well has having good technical qualifications the scientists have between them, a long and broad experience of the industry.

We use the latest chemical technology to develop bespoke products to meet the exact requirements or to produce products to solve a problem, taking into account environmental regulatory issues.

The development/manufacturing process encompasses the following process…


  • Understanding our client’s requirements is pivotal. With a unique partnership approach, we work closely with our clients to fully understand their product requirements


  • Lab tests must be executed before field trials to ensure the products meets all pre-agreed performance criteria and compatibility


  • In-field trials are required to gage whether the product meets all performance requirements


  • Once all trials are complete, and the client is fully satisfied, the product can be manufactured
R&D - Fisher Research adopts a partnership approach with its clients
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