Mixing and Filling

A wide range of mixing equipment and filling machines means the company can handle poultices and pastes as well as gels and thin liquids. Both large and small runs are able to be processed in a wide variety of pack shapes and volumes. There is an in-house printing facility for shorter runs.

Our factory features an in-line flash blenderAs there is a wide range of packaging and raw materials in stock there is usually no need for special purchases which gives flexibility in our response.

A core of experienced staff gives reliability in performance and every batch is tested in the quality control laboratory against pre-approved parameters and the results and a wet sample retained for 1 year.

Fisher Research specializes in small to medium sized production and filling runs of 50L to 20,000 litres. Our mixing and filling equipment has been installed to allow us great flexibility and increased efficiency. We have filling machines for fill from 50ml to 1000 litre containers, flexible pouches and can mix thick and thin products of many types. We can provide…Automatic filling for muliple pack sizes
  • 50ml to 1,000l container filling
  • Specialist pouches
  • Powders and granules
  • Viscous gels
  • Wipes
  • Specialist hazardous liquids
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